Happy New Year, Dear Sisters!

Welcome to the rest of your lives! Did you think I was going to ask you what your New Year’s resolution is? No way, and here’s why.

True, this is the time of year when we’re told we should make a fresh start or make promises/resolutions. However, most of the time this is simply a recipe for frustration and failure.

I have a different perspective. Wonder what it is? Read on!


DR Radio | Interview with Karen Koenig: How to Make a Full Recovery from Emotional Eating

December 18, 2017

After three decades of applying her ideas in therapy, Karen Koenig ’s clear and centered and an expert in making the healing process crystal-clear. On this episode of Divine Renewal Radio, we’ll be talking about primary and secondary emotions, the importance of embracing all feelings with loving curiosity, and how to rid ourselves of the false moral judgments society imposes on food. She’s an expert in freeing yourself from the diet cycle and the harmful, limiting concept of food as an addiction.

DR Radio | Interview with Margaret Nichols: Taking Back Our Power... After #MeToo

December 16, 2017
Join me in conversation with Margaret Nichols (@magsnichols) as we discuss what happens after #metoo and how we, as woman, can take back our power.

What if...

December 4, 2017
As we approach the end of another year, I feel like it’s a perfect opportunity to look ahead. I am motivated by the emergence of the #MeToo movement. I am energized by the growing awareness among women and men regarding the abuses that have been perpetrated on females around the world. I feel like I need to step up and back at the same time and consider the misguided and misogynistic ideas about how women should look and be in the world and consider “what if...”

DR Radio | Interview with Peggy Oliveira: Healing from Sexual Abuse

November 18, 2017
Sisters, I could not be more honoured to introduce you to my next speaker, Peggy Oliveira. She is on a mission to help create a world where we ALL feel safe enough to show up as our true selves. Where we can acknowledge we’ve been wounded and no longer feel the need to bury our pain or wear a mask in order to feel or be perceived as strong, successful, or worthy. A world where we can truly know what it means to be free.


November 5, 2017
For the last two weeks, the internet has been flooded with #MeToo. Our voices are rising with stories of abuse, trauma, and persistent inequality. The stories aren’t new. They aren’t surprising. 

Sisters, we are embarking on a revolution. This #MeToo movement offers us an enormous opportunity for change. Countless conversations, speeches, demonstrations, and other efforts are underway. And this is just the beginning. Let us harken in a turning of the tide.

DR Radio | Interview with Julie Daniluk: Detoxify Your Diet

October 19, 2017
Here at Divine Renewal we are all about transforming your relationship with food into something healthy, loving and healing. Join me in conversation with Julie Daniluk, author and host of Healthy Gourmet as we learn to let go of rigid rules and calorie counts and diets and finding a path forward that leads you to a life you love in a body you love!

Detoxify Your Mind

October 5, 2017
Did you know that you can change your brain? With a little bit of work, you can rewire your brain, creating new neural pathways that help change patterns and belief systems. You can wire in new thinking patterns and good habits. You have the power to detoxify your mind through neuroplasticity.

DR Radio | Interview with Phoenix Muranetz: Honoring Sacred Sexuality

September 20, 2017
Hey sisters! Do you realize how holy your desires are? Are you fully accepting of your Primal Priestess? Are you getting enough ecstasy in your spiritual diet?
We were born to enjoy life in our miraculous bodies to the fullest. Society often gets in the way with shame, blame, fear and shalt-nots. On this Divine Renewal podcast, I am speaking with a very special guest, Phoenix Muranetz, Unification Architect, Sacred Ceremony Designer, Performer & Writer on Soul, Spirit and Love.

Trusting the map of life

September 5, 2017
I felt a strong desire to connect with my sisters and write with you my personal summer soul journey to Bali. I'm humbled in deep reverence for this opportunity to share my story and my hope is that you too will share your experiences over the summer with our community. Sometimes sharing your lessons aloud, allows you to process the profound takeaways and messages that were downloaded along the way, don’t you agree?

DR Radio | Interview with Amma Sophia Rose: Your Body Is A Temple

August 21, 2017
Join us for a real and raw conversation on August 21, 2017 with Amma Sophia Rose, an internationally renown Sonic Alchemist and Medicine Woman. ⠀
She has studied with many Indigenous people of different traditions bringing the wisdom of the Sonic Rainbow Grandmother. She has the gift of the sacred song line chants and creates a vibrational field of love through sacred sound healing journeys.⠀

I'm sorry... Or am I?

August 7, 2017
Some of us may have looked for approval and love in the wrong places, with the wrong people. Others may have soothed our insecurities with food, drugs, or alcohol. We acquired a pattern of either putting ourselves second and doing what was asked of us – or feeling guilty that we couldn’t – followed up with a profuse apology.

Can you think of the times you’ve said sorry and take the blame for, just being you?

DR Radio | Interview with Denise Marek: Reconnecting to your inner peace.

July 23, 2017
Sisters, do you find yourself worrying over every detail? Does the thought of not knowing every nitty-gritty point cause your anxiety to grow? What if I told you there was a way you could move forward and stop worrying…

I spoke with internationally known worry management expert, Denise Marek. Author of CALM – A Proven Four Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry. In her book and in her coaching, Denise reveals a proven four-step process designed specifically for women who worry.

What is your self-worth?

July 9, 2017
Ever feel you’re not worthy of something? Not worthy of good luck, a healthy body, a good job, a joyful life… even love!

Worthiness is an internal feeling. It’s the confident knowledge of how you appear to yourself and others. It is of vital importance in any endeavor because your presence, your opinion and the way you present yourself matters greatly in all you do.

DR Radio | Interview with Anita Johnston: What is our hunger saying?

June 23, 2017
At Divine Renewal, we often speak about healing our relationships with nourishment. Well, without clear communication, a healed relationship is impossible. Do you know exactly what your hunger is saying to you?

Fascinating question, and one we’ll be diving into on the next Divine Renewal Radio podcast, when my guest will be the wonderful Anita Johnston. Anita is the author of a wonderful book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, and she has an enormous amount of wisdom to share about the journey to living from the Divine Sacred Feminine and how it impacts our bodies and our lives.

DR Radio | Interview with Andrea Donsky: Healthy Living in the Real World

May 25, 2017
Join us on Divine Renewal Radio for an enlightening conversation with Andrea Donsky, founder of Naturally Savvy. You may find you want to jot down a few notes for your next shopping trip. We'll be sharing tips and ideas that'll help you on your journey to making your relationship with food a happy, healthy lifelong love affair.

Who helped shape our body image?

May 10, 2017
This month we’re celebrating Mother’s Day. This brings to mind how female role models in our lives - our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and other females - from early childhood on have helped (or hurt as sometimes happens) shape and influence our body image. We, as Divine Moms and role models for young girls, can bring to an end to this idea of “looking perfect.”

DR Radio | Interview with Claudia Spahr: The Healing Powers of Natural Fertility

April 26, 2017
Have you ever worried about your biological clock running out of time? Have you been told that women should give up on the dream of having children if they have not achieved it by the age of 35?

Join us on Divine Renewal Radio where my guest will be holistic fertility expert Claudia Spahr. We’ll be talking about fertility in women over 40, and how you can take greater control of your fertility through connecting to your Divine Feminine with natural techniques like yoga, wellness, retreats, mindset shifts, spiritual reconnection and holding space for yourself.

Let’s talk about body image…

April 12, 2017
Body image is both mental and emotional. It’s the mental picture we, Divine Sisters, have of our bodies and the way we feel about our appearance. Unfortunately, this can alter the way we appraise our value and worth. Every woman deserves to live in a body she loves. Reclaiming who we are is about knowing we have the right to be all we can through spirit and health!

DR Radio | Interview with Layla Martin: How does shutting down our sexual-selves leave us vulnerable to emotional addiction and food issues?

March 28, 2017
Truth: Our bodies are sacred temples. Self-compassion teaches us to treat ourselves with tender love and a deeper understanding of our true hungers. To be truly “turned on” is to live a life you love in a body you love!

Sister, Your Body Is A Temple

March 12, 2017
As women — we think about sex, pleasure, and sensuality as something involving a partner.

Yes — that is a wonderful part of a relationship, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle in becoming a satisfied woman; a sensual woman; and a woman who is not ashamed to find alternate ways to satisfy the hunger for pleasure.

You, as the Divine Feminine, need to satiate your innate hunger to nourish your soul and your body. If you have a partner to help you connect to your deepest desires and needs – that’s wonderful. However, the act of satisfying the hunger of delight in a sensual, sexual way, including total fulfillment, can be achieved in another major way.

DR Radio | Interview with Maria Therase Cucinotta: How do we reclaim the true power of the Divine Feminine?

February 26, 2017
Neglect Her, and she’ll take you out... with shame, stress, addictions... Work with Her, and you will discover the power you were born to embody!

How do we do it? Join me on Divine Renewal Radio, when I’ll be talking with Maria Therase Cucinotta, CEO and Founder of Femme International, about practical methods of self care and reclaiming your feminine power.

Sacred Tools for Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine

February 10, 2017
We forget that true transformation and healing ourselves comes from having an authentic relationship with ourselves.

Reclaiming your Divine Feminine birthright, remembering who you were before anyone convinced you you weren’t enough, is at the core of Divine Renewal practice. The eternal and boundless energy of the Divine Feminine longs to enfold you and help you to manifest Her with courage, laughter, creativity, nurturing, pleasure and health.

Sacred tools and practices that became part of my healing journey and till this day If I feel I am running on empty chances are I have missed out in honoring them – disconnected from my body it is important to come back to what matters… your sacred Divine Feminine.

DR Radio: Interview with Monica Pelayo: Behind the Shadow We Can Find Gold: An Internal Beauty That Needs To Be Heard

January 28, 2017
Our shadow sides are here to help us. Only by making friends with our darkness do we reclaim the wisdom and power they have to share. Getting to know your darkness isn’t about beating yourself up, it’s about opening the space so that you can finally, truly love your whole self and feel authentic and better.

Join me for an exciting conversation about what this really looks like and practical ways to get there! My guest for the podcast will be the one and only Monica Pelayo, she is a Shadow Coach Expert, a brilliant and intuitive sister who’s learned the road by living it.

Introducing Divine Renewal Radio

January 19, 2017
Divine Renewal Radio is a portal where we share the joy of remembering, reconnecting with and reclaiming our dreams, hopes and desires. Here, you are not alone. You are seen and heard and witnessed by a sisterhood of courageous women stepping forward together into healing ourselves and each other, sharing insight, questions, tools, inspiration, connection, and our personal journeys.

Welcome to Divine Renewal Radio, my sister. I am your host, Myriam Llano.

Strengthening Your Connection to the Sacred Feminine

January 12, 2017
The world needs us, sisters... and Mother Earth needs us to be strong and relaxed in who we are. Allow the being first so the doing can happen with grace and radical compassion, for yourself first and then for all humankind.

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