Food Is…and Isn’t the Answer. What’s the Question?

February 9, 2020

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Food Is…and Isn’t the Answer. What’s the Question?

February 9, 2020
For years, I used food in all the wrong ways. I deprived myself of nourishment to help me bury the shame, fear, frustration, anger, loneliness, and depression that haunted me every day. Then I did a complete turnaround and ate food to stop experiencing the same feelings. 
Guess what? Neither of these strategies worked. They didn’t fill the void I carried with me every day. My body, mind, and spirit still felt empty.  
Does any of this sound familiar? Are you living with a feeling of emptiness and hunger? 
Fortunately, I discovered the secret to having a healthy relationship with food, and it completely changed my life. Are you ready to have it change yours as well? Read on!

Your relationship with food
Whenever I talk with women and try to explain what they are truly hungry for, they usually give me an odd look because they think I’m literally talking about food. At one level I am, but what I’m really reaching for is a deeper level of meaning.
Your relationship with food is unique because you engage in it multiple times a day, every day.
On the one hand, food provides you with nutrients that fuel your body. On the other hand, your relationship with food provides you with an emotional and spiritual connection with self--your authentic sacred feminine essence.
How you relate to food is very much a reflection of how you feel about yourself and your life.
It reveals what you are truly hungry for, beyond the ítems on your plate and the ones you ultimately allow to enter your body.
I understand that this is a difficult concept for women to grasp. After all, we’ve all grown up with very specific ideas about the role of food and hunger in our lives. But when you look beyond the food on your plate and into your sacred inner self, you will realize that the food itself cannot feed what your core essence truly needs to flourish, survive, and grow. Let me explain by sharing my own discovery process.
For many years, I was an emotional eater to the point that I became deathly ill. Part of the ímpetus for that poor relationship with food was associated with the fact that my mother and I had to flee Colombia for Canada. That meant leaving behind family, friends, school, and belongings for a life in a foreign place full of uncertainties.
At that point I entered an emotionally dark place, where I perceived everything around me and myself with negative eyes. The negativity became addictive and took over my life.
At first, my emotional eating behaviors caused me to undereat to avoid criticism about what I was consuming in a place where I didn’t feel safe. Over time, however, once my mother and I found a safe place to life, suddenly I could not eat enough food. I filled up on bowls of pasta and entire loaves of bread. 

My relationship with food, with my body, and with my weight was a reflection of the emotional turbulence within me that I was afraid to deal with.
I felt lonely and ashamed, and I was hungry for an end to the chaos; I wanted peace.
Chemical changes and dis-ease
Many people don’t realize that one consequence of experiencing highly negative emotions is a change in the levels of certain chemicals in the body, especially the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. If you allow yourself to be overcome by unhealthy feelings, as I did, the chemical changes in the body can lead to addictiion. You can get caught up in a self-destructive lifestyle, which in turn limits your ability to pursue your dreams and realize your full potential. The negative emotions become your new normal.
Negative emotions and the energies that accompany them don’t sustain our body temple or allow us to embrace our Divine Feminine selves. In fact, they can manifest as dis-ease, including autoinmune conditions that can take over the body and mind, crushing your spirit.
My sisters, we must overcome unhealthy eating habits and develop a new relationship with food and our bodies. How?
For me, the journey began when I studied nutrition and became a certified nutritionist. However, fixing what I was eating wasn’t enough. I also needed to nourish my emotional self and make changes before I could truly discover my divine self and heal. Once I did, I awakened to my Divine Feminine and began to créate ebooks and videos so other women also could realice how to feed their body, mind, and spirit by changing their relationship with food.
You may be familiar with the term “comfort food.” Many people use food as a quick fix to feel secure, loved, and safe. It’s a form of instant gratification, but it doesn’t provide any long-term satisfaction. After we binge or eat something we shouldn’t, we feel guilty, ashamed, and other emotions that caused us to binge in the first place. It becomes a vicious cycle.
Emotional eating
Are you an emotional eater? Are you struggling with your relationship with food? Acknowledging that you are experiencing a challenge with food is the first step toward healing. Let’s explore some important questions that can help you get on a healthy track and the path to realize your Divine Feminine self.
Do you eat when you’re not hungry? If you stomach is not growling and you are not in need of bodily nourishment, it probably means you are craving emotional fulfillment. This is the time to check in with your emotions. Be honest with yourself: are you looking to fulfill a physical or emotional need?
Do you eat in secret? Do you hide what you really eat and even lie to yourself about your food intake? Often this is because we are afraid that if others knew they would know something was wrong with us. Eating numbs the pain we live with and helps digests your past hurts. However, it is healthier to ride the emotional wave. 
My dear sisters, we are cyclical beings, and so are our emotional phases. If you examine those phases, you can learn to understand them and what you truly want. Chances are it’s not the potato chips or ice cream or pasta you’ve been eating.
Do you feel guilty after you’ve eaten? Perhaps you just consumed an entire pint of ice cream or a box of cookies. Do you hear “I shouldn’t have eaten that” and in your head? You have robbed yourself of the bliss, which makes you crave more of the prohibited food to feel satisfied. 
If you make a choice to eat something, do it for enjoyment, not to punish yourself. There are no good or bad foods; no morality about eating a cookie rather than celery. You are not “bad” if you eat ice cream. You are not “good” if you deprive yourself. It is time to eliminate these value judgments about yourself and take a close look at why you are making your food choices. 

My dear sisters, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you if any of these scenarios resonate with you. It simply means you’ve received improper training about food and nourishing your body temple.
Once you nourish yourself for your health and not for appearance alone, you’ll experience a rejuvenating wellness of your mind, body, and spirit.
My advice, dear sisters, is to eat with joy! Know that you are worthy and deserving of healing foods. When we restrict our food intake by overeating, undereating, excessively exercising so we can eat more, and other extremes, we are also weakening our deep, sacred connection to Life. 
One effective remedy? Eat mindfully. Completely chew every morsel. Put down your fork or spoon between bites and savor the taste and texture of your food. Practice deep breathing and take in the food’s aromas. Fully actívate your senses while eating. 
The bottom line is, our dysfunctional relationship with food isn’t about food; it’s about an underlying hunger for something that cannot be resolved with food: we are looking for love, respect, validation, understanding, to be heard, seen, and acknowledged for our wisdom, ideas, creativity, and energy and not for our dress size, cup size, or weight. 
Are you truly hungry for a thin body, or do you want to feel joy, peace, and freedom? Such freedom begins when you break away from the body jail that society has placed on women.
Our food journey isn’t about knowing what to eat and how much; it’s about why we eat. It’s about listening to our bodies and hearing “her” speak our true needs to us. It’s about hearing our inner self asking, “What are you truly hungry for?”
Remember, dear sisters, make choices to nourish yourself as a whole sacred being, and your body and mind will work in harmony in a beautiful, trusting partnership.
Let me know how this blog impacted you. How do you answer some of the questions I posed here? How do they make you feel? Will you join me in creating a new healing relationship with food?


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