DR Radio | Interview with Julie Daniluk: Detoxify Your Diet

Here at Divine Renewal we are all about transforming your relationship with food into something healthy, loving and healing. Letting go of rigid rules and calorie counts and diets and finding a path forward that leads you to a life you love in a body you love!

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you and offer you the chance to join me on the next Divine Renewal podcast, because my guest Julie Daniluk is an expert on how it works! Her newest work, Hot Detox, is all about ways to “fire up” your digestion, heal your gut, and use delicious warm foods and healing spices as powerful allies.

You know how I feel about rigid diets. They make things worse. That’s one of the reasons Julie’s groundbreaking work has me so excited: she offers simple tips and methods for cleansing and healing and sustainable ways of choosing and cooking the foods your gut will love you for! Her life-enhancing approach to detox and to keeping a healthy gut fits in with things I’ve been practicing for my own healing, and she’s a lovely, knowledgeable sister to spend some time with!

So join us on the next Divine Renewal podcast, when Julie Daniluk and I will talk about how to move away from food-related stress and dive into the wonders of bone broth!

Holding you in the highest vision of love and health,