Detoxify Your Mind

Self-doubt, self-deprecation and anxiety that you are not enough runs rampant through us all.

Instead of accepting ourselves inside and out, we are constantly comparing and competing with those around us to be the what we think is the best. We come up with definitions imposed by society of what is to be successful, what it is to have the perfect body, the perfect diet, the perfect partner, and we keep chasing after something that never comes. This constant self-imposed pressure becomes toxic to our mind body emotions and spirit

Combined with every criticism and aggression you have faced from loved and un-loved ones over the years, we create fears and habitual ways of thinking that hold us prisoner from moving forward. You may find yourself repeating patterns – completely unable to break out of them – and then berating yourself when you ultimately succumb to the same outcome you have experienced countless times before.

While there are many ways to cleanse your body – the raw food diet, juice fasting, etc. – how do you detoxify your mind?

Habits – be they good or bad – become wired into our brains. Much like the muscle memories of riding a bicycle, or throwing a ball, our brains remember toxic beliefs and experiences, reminding us when similar emotions arise.

Did you know that you can change your brain? With a little bit of work, you can rewire your brain, creating new neural pathways that help change patterns and belief systems. You can wire in new thinking patterns and good habits. You have the power to detoxify your mind through neuroplasticity.

Like all things, ‘doing’ is much harder than ‘saying’. Try the following steps:

  1. Identify the toxic thought or habit you want to lose.
  2. Identify the positive thought or habit you would like to create.
    1. Give away the toxic thought. There are a few ways you can do this: 
    2. Meditate and visualize yourself giving away the toxic thought or habit to a higher power.
  3. Write down the toxic thought or habit and bury it in the earth.
  4. Visualize what feeling you wish to feel and what could your life be like once you are free of this toxic thought or habit? Meditate with this focus.
  5. Remind yourself throughout the day of the positive thought or habit. It could be a post-it note on your desk, or a reminder in your calendar – anything that forces you to reflect multiple times throughout your day.

Building a new neural pathway takes time and effort. For some sisters, it could take one month to build, for others it could take 6 months, or even longer but this change is not a race but a process of self-love and self-care.  The desire and awareness to change will pay off, letting you live a life in a body you love.

What habit or thought would you like to overcome? Write to me, and tell me of your journey. Together we can grow in our divine sacred feminine.

Holding you in the highest vision of love and health,