DR Radio | Interview with Margaret Nichols: Taking Back Our Power... After #MeToo

Join me in conversation with Margaret Nichols as we discuss what happens after #metoo and how we, as woman, can take back our power.

About Margaret Nichols

Margaret Nichols is the founder of Urban Oneness + internationally recognized as the Oneness Maven of New York City.  Since 2006, she has hosted events in New York and internationally, after training with monks in India and Fiji. Margaret translates Ancient teachings and spiritual technologies for our modern life via in person and online programs and workshops.Urban Oneness is a New York City based community with a global reach. Ranging from the longest running weekly Oneness Meditative deeksha blessing in NYC, to global retreats, Margaret Nichols and her team, bring practical, heart-opening mindfulness and consciousness to individuals and businesses alike. Online digital programs, in-person workshops and masterminds: events are ongoing and ever changing, and focused on experiential learning to illuminate and empower a wonder in life.

Margaret is a sought after leader and speaker, in this new paradigm of life and business. Weekly, she reaches thousands of people with ongoing teachings and happenings via newsletter. She is available for select one on one sessions in New York or via Skype and custom designs programs for individuals and businesses.

In 2016 Margaret launched: DIVINE FEMME: creating the new paradigm of women's leadership from the inside out. Weekend immersions + online global coachings: practically Divine + fiercely femme, ushering the rise of the Divine Feminine for modern women.