Sacred Tools for Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine

Most of you know some of my personal story, but for those who don’t, I got separated from my Divine Feminine at an early age. Shame and anger and feeling judged started a vicious cycle in which I turned to food to numb the hurt. In a world that felt out of control, food was the one thing I could control, so I’d start my day by planning out exactly how many calories I would consume or not consume according to a rigid and precisely calculated set of rules.

It was a very masculine strategy. It left no room for fluidity or intuition, for feeling. I lived in that place for decades. And as long as I held onto that approach, I couldn’t access my healing Inner Feminine.

We hunger for authentic relationships, for tender love, and validation outside of ourselves and reach out for distractions to numb us out. Our hunger is pushed down instead of being truly satisfied; we feel full but not nourished, not strengthened.

We forget that true transformation and healing ourselves comes from having an authentic relationship with ourselves.

Reclaiming your Divine Feminine birthright, remembering who you were before anyone convinced you you weren’t enough, is at the core of Divine Renewal practice. The eternal and boundless energy of the Divine Feminine longs to enfold you and help you to manifest Her with courage, laughter, creativity, nurturing, pleasure and health.
Sit quietly and focus on your breathing and listen for Her voice. It may be just a whisper at first, almost drowned out by the “rational” things on your mind, the doubts and worries and self-criticism. But it’s there, telling you a different story, a story of hope and freedom and infinite possibility. That story, dear sister, is yours. Own it and tell it; the world needs to hear us now.
Sacred tools and practices that became part of my healing journey and till this day If I feel I am running on empty chances are I have missed out in honoring them – disconnected from my body it is important to come back to what matters….your sacred Divine Feminine. 

Play, Dance and Music!
Even if you think you don’t know how!

I don’t remember ever playing as a child,  but the one thing that no one could take away from me was the joy of music and the freedom to dance!  Moving your body is a great pathway to connection with spirit. Go for a walk, alone or with a friend, or put on music that makes you feel like dancing. Use your body to express the energy and feelings it brings out in you. Music holds emotional vibration, and it’s liberating and fun to let yourself move to it. Dance slow or fast, however you feel like dancing, and allow your inner child to let loose and play.
You Time
We spend our days taking care of the needs of children, spouses, bosses, homes, and pets. But in order to stay sane in our all-too-busy lives, we need to purposefully create time that’s only for us.

Mark an hour to spend on yourself everyday! You can use it to read a book you’ve meaning to get to, take a long relaxing bath, explore meditation, watch an uplifting movie, or just listen to your own thoughts. Investing time in yourself and your own needs is a powerfully healing choice, and actually ends up benefiting everyone around you as you begin giving from an overflowing cup instead of a depleted one. How can we give from an empty well?

There is no worse feeling than thinking you don’t have any time or are running out of time. Own some of yours.

Intentional Boundaries   
We all live in a world that is moving fast, with very little down time to understand what our needs are.  With the speed of things, we are losing intimacy with ourselves and ignoring our self-care.  I often get asked “what is self-care anyway?” When we hear the phrase, most of us think of simple daily hygiene.
But what have you done for your senses lately?
The Divine Feminine innate physical nature is sensual. She loves taste, touch, smell, hearing and seeing. How many of these senses have we shut down in fear of what others might think if we allow ourselves to feast on these God given pleasures?
The Divine Feminine innate emotional nature is to nourish, to love, to be gentle, to have empathy, awareness and intuition.  How much of this energy have we been forced to shut down by hurt, shame and fear?
In order to access these gifts, we need clear, healthy boundaries. We establish them by honoring our own needs and speaking them right out loud. Without healthy boundaries, we’re in a constant state of fight or flight. With them, we free ourselves from the fear of harsh judgment, because our own loving awareness is what matters. Without boundaries, we’re pouring from that empty cup.
Make a date with yourself to do exactly that for at least an hour. Establish the appropriate boundary that will allow you to keep that date. Write and let me know how it went! Or write and tell me of the barriers you’re experiencing. We can do this, together.

With love,