DR Radio | Interview with Andrea Donsky: Healthy Living in the Real World

In this episode of Divine Renewal Radio, I'm very proud to introduce my guest Andrea Donsky. You may have heard of Andrea; she's a regular on Toronto's Breakfast Television and the founder of the holistic nutrition website Naturally Savvy. Andrea is a passionate visionary with a gift for applying the wisdom of holistic nutrition to the realities of everyday life.

And that is what I love about Andrea, and why you're going to love her too. She's real.

As I've always said in Divine Renewal, loving your body and giving her the right fuel to feel fully alive is not about depriving yourself, counting calories or no more tasty snacks. Andrea gets it. She knows we're going to want dessert and chips and dip and summertime cookouts. Her book Un-Junk Your Junk Food and her overall program are full of great ideas and practical ways to eat much, much healthier and keep right on enjoying life. Andrea's all about sharing ideas you'll actually want to try and then keep using, because they're just that yummy.

Andrea is a passionate, engaging and sought after dynamic speaker. Her work focuses on promoting healthy living in the real world; she's appeared on dozens of media outlets and co-hosts her own Naturally Savvy Radio a live show on RadioMD. And as the proud mother of three children who love seaweed, fish oil and kale chips, she's proven her real-life expertise on making the nutritious delicious.

So, join us on Divine Renewal Radio for an enlightening conversation. You may find you want to jot down a few notes for your next shopping trip. We'll be sharing tips and ideas that'll help you on your journey to making your relationship with food a happy, healthy lifelong love affair.
With love,