We are emotional beings… Do we eat that way?

Diet. When we hear that word what comes to mind?

Many define this word as a way to lose weight. A means to look the way society tells us to. However, it also represents a mental struggle with feeling you’re not enough.
That if you are not thin enough you’ll never attract a man, get the job, the happiness - the list goes on and on for all the reasons you’re not “enough.”

Now doesn’t this really go back to our article on “Body Image?”

I doubt if there are any of us that have NOT dieted in our lifetime. We’ve restricted ourselves to what these diets dictate we should eat for a quick solution that, hopefully, results in loving our bodies. From calorie counting to Weight Watcher points.

However, none are based on what’s most important… nutrition, health and nourishment of emotions, the body and mind. And did any of these diets work? If they did…was it the long-term solution to happiness?What all these diets have in common:

  • They keep you feeling deprived;
  • They make you feel like a failure when you lack the willpower to remain on these unrealistically restrictive diets; and
  • We faced with not the possibility of never achieving the appearance we’ve been conditioned to look, act, and feel.

Realize this, my Divine Sisters – we can approach dieting in two ways. We may lack knowledge of nutrition and what it takes to be healthy; or be truly aware of what we should do — yet can’t seem to make it happen.

In reality, our dieting journey isn’t about knowing what to eat and how much — it’s why we eat. It’s about listening to our bodies and hearing “her” speak our true needs to us. About hearing our inner self ask, “Ladies… what are you truly hungry for?”

Are we hungry for recognition, validity, love, respect — or are we just filling those hungers with food? Could it be we have an emotional dependence on food?

Most likely, yes! Food is soothing. It’s comforting. Haven’t we all been wounded in some way that we need to stroke ourselves and make it “all better?”

Food is the quick fix for feeling secure. It’s instant gratification — but not long-term satisfaction. After we binge or eat something we shouldn’t — we’re back to square one — feeling guilty and ashamed.

It becomes a vicious cycle!

No matter how much we limit ourselves with these “diets,” we’ll eventually defy challenge those restrictions as we’re not nourishing our souls – our minds – our spirits.

If you’re an emotional eater, you’ll probably relate to:

  1. Eat when you’re not hungry? If your tummy’s not growling and in need of bodily nourishment — it probably means you’re craving emotional nourishment. So…check in with your emotions. See what’s truly asking to be seen, recognized, heard. Then ask yourself is it a physical or emotional need?”
  2. Eat in secret? Don’t want anyone to know what you eat? Sometimes we hide what we really eat — and even lie to ourselves about the amounts. Why? We fear if someone really knew they’d KNOW something was wrong with us. We numb the pain by eating and digesting our past hurts. But why not allow yourself to ride the emotional wave. Sister, we’re cyclical beings and so are our emotional phases. Just feel them—understand what we need and wish for and what we don’t.
  3. Feel guilty about what you’ve eaten? You just wolfed down a huge bowl of “Heavenly Hash” ice cream and what do you hear in your head? “I shouldn’t have eaten that” …over and over again. We’ve effectively robbed ourselves of the bliss, which makes us crave more of that “prohibited” food to feel satiated. If you make a choice… make it for enjoyment — not for punishment.
  4. My Dear Sisters — please realize there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with you if any of these reasons resonate with you. It simply means you’ve had the wrong training and information and need to be educated on proper nutrition and nourishment. By nourishing yourself for reasons other than your appearance you’ll gain health that serves your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

  5. So eat with joy! This allows us to feel worthy and deserving of nourishing our body (our Temple). When we restrict our foods; over-eat, under-eat, over-exercise to eat more and various other extremes… we’re also weakening our deep, sacred connection to Life!
    Do not eat with fear! As that is how you’ll live your life – fearful that all is against you.

    Remember, Dear Sisters — make choices to nourish yourself as a whole — and your body and mind will work in harmony in a beautiful, trusting partnership.

    With love,