What is your self-worth?

Ever feel you’re not worthy of something?

Not worthy of good luck, a healthy body, a good job, a joyful life… even love!
Wonder how “feeling worthy” and valuing ourselves has to do with influencing so many facets of our lives?
My dear Sisters—it has ALL to do with it.
Worthiness is an internal feeling. It’s the confident knowledge of how you appear to yourself and others. It is of vital importance in any endeavor because your presence, your opinion and the way you present yourself matters greatly in all you do.

This internal assessment of your inner self, most likely, has been with you as long as you’re alive. As far back as your first recollection of your own being and self-worth.

It’s the little things that are significant—no matter how long ago they have affected you. No matter how small they were they become the foundation of self-evaluation. They are the corner-stones for feeling worthy… feeling you exist… feeling you are recognized and valued for being you!

Worthiness is deep in our core. It’s the source of a value system that’s ours alone and particularly vital in the creation of any and all positive changes in our lives.

It’s extremely difficult to move forward in becoming a healthy being without knowing and working with how worthy we perceive ourselves. Our self-worth is part of our Divine Feminine and should always be nurtured.

Embracing ourselves and realizing how valuable we truly are affects how well we make positive, productive decisions throughout the many chapters of our lives. Such as:

  • The foods that we choose.
  • How to budget our income—and how to save.
  • Whether or not you should make additional commitments to family, friends, community groups and other commitments.

Feeling worthy has many facets… Do you value your health? Family time? Free time? Responsibility to your community? Put them in order of most important to least important—although all your values are necessary to your well-being. Reflect… and your decision will be apparent as your worthiness embodies what's most necessary for you to enjoy life the way you are meant to.

So why is making a conscious effort to identify your values as a person and your self-worth so important?

Because our values as a person exist and life becomes simpler when they’re acknowledged... knowing and accepting ourselves as we are, assists us with positive fact-making decisions. Accepting yourself and your self-worth is vital--as then, and only then, can you carry-out making confident choices that will enhance your well-being. As a result, these decisions become easier and easier to make—with no second guessing that they are right for you.  

However, our feelings about our worthiness are continually tested. They change as our life goals alter with age and different situations.

We may change and enter other phases. Because as women we go through ebbs and flows.

But dear Sisters—make sure to be aware that you always have self-worth and these variations are just part of a growth process.

Keeping in touch with our values is a lifelong exercise. We must continually revisit our worthiness, especially when we may start to feel a bit insecure.

In both work and our personal lives, we are constantly evolving. So when we, as women, start to feel as if we are losing “ourselves” – think of the following and you’ll be able to maintain and recapture the times when we felt our best and valued ourselves in the way we should:
1. Identify times when you were happiest. Those times are usually when you felt confident. When making life choices were good ones. What were you doing? Who was in your life? Why did you feel self-worth?

2. Think about when you felt most proud of yourself. Why were you proud? Were there other people that shared your pride? Who were they? Were there any other factors that made you surge with pride?  This is yet another time that helping others and being of service allows me to feel

3. When were you most fulfilled? What desire or need was satisfied? Why did the experience give your life meaning? What other reasons contributed to your feelings of fulfillment and self-worth?

Our self-worth and values are Sacred to us. As women they’re gifts to ourselves. Let’s make certain we keep them secure and close to our minds, bodies, spirit and souls. And Divine Renewal will help you do that…
Holding you in the highest vision of love and health,