DR Radio: Interview with Jana Kellam: How to Create Powerful Relationships with Everything in Your Life

Dear Sisters, it brings me great joy to introduce you to Love Expert and Relationship Coach, Jana Kellam.

Jana uses transformational coaching techniques, advanced training in the Law of Attraction, and equine-facilitated experiential learning to help single ladies attract the partnership of their dreams and partnered ladies to sustain them–expanding in love every day.

Knowing that we all deserve love, Jana teaches us how to banish doubt, neediness, and mistrust to create the fulfilling relationships we all yearn for.

Jana's philosophy for solving any relationship problem you’re experiencing is that the answer is already inside of you. The only way to create a healthy, fulfilling relationship is to understand the energetic dance that leads to true love. Many dating experts quote the law of attraction as a reason to ignore what feels bad in your love life and to focus only on the positive. This is called “spiritual bypassing.” To get what you truly want in love, you have to dive in and engage with the relationship challenge you’re experiencing right now - instead of running away from it - and find the wisdom that will allow you to move beyond the challenges.

Whether you’re single and wanting to attract a partner, or in a relationship and wanting to fall in love with your partner again, Jana helps you create the magical love life you deserve.

Jana has been happily married to her best friend and soulmate since 2008, and they recently adopted their beautiful son from China. She is a little (okay, a lot) horse-crazy, passionate about social justice, and frequent public speaker whose articles have appeared on the HuffPost and Digital Romance.

You can join Jana’s free, private Facebook group – The Everlasting Love Club –to get daily support from her and connect with other like-minded women at https://www.facebook.com/groups/EverlastingLoveClub/

Holding you in the highest vision of love and health,