14 Simple Steps for Self-Compassion and Self-Care


It's been one fabulous, incredible, and challenging year, filled with reminders of what it takes to live a Divine life! I've been working around the clock to launch our Divine Renewal website, and some days I’ve had to remind myself of a few important basics for living a life in which self-compassion and self-care are central.

I try my best to live by the guiding concepts of self-care. Even so, old habits can creep in and I can fall into my old ways.

When I overload my life, I no longer pay attention to the things that matters most for my well-being. I forget to eat slowly and mindfully, feel challenged and resistant about my dreams, and my mind chatter becomes so loud I can’t hear my own inner voice.

Old habits can’t be eliminated, they can only be replaced. And it is possible to expand our perspective, open our minds to new ways of thinking and speaking, and start shifting limiting beliefs that don’t serve us.

When we start cultivating supportive practices, things naturally start shifting. Thoughts become clear. We start to feel more optimistic and relaxed about life again.

Still, my biggest take-away of 2015 and my biggest wish for you is self compassion. This entails relating to ourselves kindly, accepting the good and the bad, claiming our successes and forgiving and learning from the lesser moments.

Know that YOU are the only expert on you. The more you listen to your inner voice, the more you can give yourself the kindness, love and compassion that only YOU know you need, as well as how and when you need it.

Listed below are a few tips I depend on to help me practice daily self-compassion and self-care.

I share them from my heart to yours, in hopes that this year brings you the gift of self-compassion and the kind of love for yourself that only the real expert -- YOU -- can give.

Fourteen Simple Steps for Self-Compassion and Self-Care

  1. Your words have the power to uplift you or to bring you down. Speak to yourself with love.
  2. Move your body. It helps keep your energy flowing, even when life feels stagnant.
  3. Journal. Write down your dreams, desires and goals. And ask: Why does it matter? What action steps do I need to take to get there? It will help to know what your true desires are. If you don’t have a dream right now, that’s okay too. But do ask “What is possible?”
  4. Be playful. It awakens the child within and reminds you not to take life so seriously.
  5. Routinely take time out to connect to your inner voice, the one that supports you in moving towards your highest good.
  6. Eat whole foods that work with your gut. There is so much truth to the expression “gut feeling.” If this part of your body is working well, chances are the rest of you will be too.
  7. Get good sleep. Good moods and healthy thoughts work in harmonic synergy with the cared-for, well-rested body.
  8. Create boundaries, especially with loved ones. Say no when you’re already overstretched and think you must say yes just to be nice.
  9. Sit and eat a healthy meal instead of snacking between picking up kids or running errands. How well we digest our food influences how well we will digest our emotions. (There's that "gut feeling" thing again!)
  10. Cultivate awareness. What do you need moment by moment? What are your wants, needs, desires and dreams?
  11. Find out what depletes you and what replenishes you, and do more of what fills up your cup.
  12. Glucose is the brain fuel for a better YOU! Choose whole foods and superfoods to navigate emotions and feel great.
  13. Be curious about every situation, especially when faced with obstacles and challenges. It helps your understanding that there is a learning experience behind each challenge.
  14. At the end of each day, find three things to be grateful for. Studies have shown that gratitude feeds positive emotions.