There’s a difference between eating food and nourishing yourself. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which one is which.

It’s easy to feel like you’re in a war and food is the enemy.  But it doesn’t matter what you eat – if you don’t connect with your need for true nourishment, you will never make peace with food.

If you’re not taking care of your true needs, how can you know the difference between food that is or isn’t right for you?

And how can you know if you’re satisfying a hunger for food, or a hunger for a better way of living your life?

We learn early in life to numb our feelings to keep from being hurt. Emotions become demons, and we lose our ability to feel them.

Stuffing emotions cuts us off from feeling our own vitality, from our right to flourish and live an expansive and expressive life. We no longer know what the story is anymore, only that it’s so big, it absolutely owns us.

But the pain and hurt won’t kill us if we give it a voice.

Know these feelings will pass through and around you. Pain won’t destroy you if you let yourself feel it. Turn into it instead of away from it. Ride it. It comes like a tornado, like a full moon. It crashes the tides against the shore, but the full moon isn’t forever, it changes its phase.

When the tide recedes, you’ll have a greater ability to feel compassion towards yourself. You’ll hear the voice of the little girl who was abandoned, hurt, told in some way that she wasn’t enough. Give yourself permission to acknowledge her.

Are you willing to allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling? Only then can you regain the curiosity of a child. If you don’t question, or allow yourself all your emotions, how will you know when what you’re feeling is your body’s hunger or just a need to be seen and heard?

Ultimately, that’s what we really want…to be seen and heard.

Can you give yourself permission to feel compassion towards all parts of yourself, including the pieces that feel broken?

Are you willing to feel curious about what you eat and why? Are you willing to allow yourself to feel the entire range of your emotions?

Are you hungry to be seen, heard, acknowledged, recognized, cared for?

To feel beautiful?

To hear your own true inner voice?

You can start by asking these questions:

When do I feel hungry?

What am I truly hungry for?

What do I crave?

What kind of choices am I making?

Why is it that nothing ever feels like it’s enough?

How do I satisfy my true hunger?

Eating to be nourished isn't about judging your food or yourself. It's accepting who you are. It’s surrendering control. It’s knowing you are whole, not broken, and that eating and enjoying whole food and living the fulfilling life you’re meant to live is your right.

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I¹m holding you in the highest vision of love, health, and wellbeing. It is your birthright to be all you can be in spirit and health!

Warmest Blessings, Myriam