Wounded Child


Inside many of us lives a wounded child. She’s like a starving spirit from the past, the part that was once deprived nourishment. She’s a hurt, fearful creature born from abandonment, betrayal, abuse.  She remembers every time you were told you weren’t good enough, could never do anything right, would never amount to anything.

The pain she carries can powerfully affect every part of your life, including your relationship with food.

To quiet her, you try giving her as much food as you can hold. You do it in secret. Nobody has to know. With every bite, you literally gulp down your emotions, and make your saddest feelings numb. But this only calms her for a little while, and you eventually awaken to the same feelings of self-loathing, hurt, hunger, and shame.

Or you think you can feed the child by depriving yourself of food. At first, you feel in control when you restrict what you eat, but eventually you realize that it is the wounded child who is controlling you. You must limit your food the right way, she whispers. You must get every detail perfect or something terrible will happen. You will not be good enough. No-one will ever love you. You will fail. But when you cut your connection to life-giving food, you also cut your ability to connect with life.

Or you decide that if you give the child the tastiest or healthiest food you can find, she will finally be at peace. You obsess about food to the point of addiction. The thought of it makes your body shake and your heart race. But the child is insatiable, and instead of resting after feeding, urges you day and night to give her something even better, something more.

When you are not at peace with who and what you are, you will never trust the food you eat, never find peace with your body and mind, and with life itself. But you can begin to heal when you realize it’s not your stomach that is starving, but your heart.

You can build this trust, find this peace, quiet the voice of this wounded child. It starts with paying attention to the way you feel around food. You can start looking inward, not outward for nourishment and validation.  You can start noticing that you actually have the resources you need to feed your soul.

Can you pause before you once again try to feed the un-feedable? Can you allow yourself to question the parts of yourself that someone once told you were no good? Can you begin to narrate a joyful life experience, instead of heeding the sad, ancient whispers of the child you once were?

When you begin to reclaim your feelings, you’ll finally be able to make choices that are truly right for your whole self: mind, body, and spirit. And the wounded child within you will finally find peace.

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I¹m holding you in the highest vision of love, health and wellbeing. It is your birthright to be all you can be in spirit and health!

Warmest Blessings, Myriam