My Daily Juice


Here’s an easy-to-make, great-tasting recipe for green juicing that I use all the time. Rotate the super-greens you use (spinach, kale, chard, etc.) to get the maximum amount of benefits. It’s best to drink your juice right away as it loses nutrients sitting in your fridge.

INGREDIENTS 6 leaves of kale (they’re loaded with as much protein as an egg) 1 cucumber (adds a refreshing taste and helps with skin, hair, puffy eyes, water retention, inflammation) 4 stalks of celery (it hydrates, acts as a diuretic, reduces stress hormones and muscle relaxer) 1 apple (loaded with pectin which is great for digestive health) 1 two-inch piece of ginger (helps your immunity and your digestion) 1 lemon (My favorite addition! Lemons are antibacterial, alkaline, detoxifying, liver-cleansing, adds vitamin C, and acts as a diuretic. Need I say more?)

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