Happy New Year, Dear Sisters!

Welcome to the rest of your lives! Did you think I was going to ask you what your New Year’s resolution is? No way, and here’s why.

True, this is the time of year when we’re told we should make a fresh start or make promises/resolutions. However, most of the time this is simply a recipe for frustration and failure.

I have a different perspective. Wonder what it is? Read on!


Reconnecting and Healing Your Body Through Sensuality and Letting Go of Body Shame

October 24, 2018

How much do you love your body?

For many women, myself included, this can be a difficult question to hear and answer. That’s because this question, although simple on the surface, is loaded with a history of trauma, challenging emotions and feelings, body shame and more. 

At the same time, it is critical for most sisters to reconnect with and heal our bodies by embracing with our sensuality and letting go of any shame we feel about ourselves.

Nothing Will Ever Be Enough

September 24, 2018
Dear sisters, many of us know people who are addicted to something, whether it’s gambling, shopping, food, alcohol, drugs, etc.

These addictions are about seeking out and using things outside of ourselves—more wine, more chocolate, more pairs of shoes, you fill in the blank—to push down or bury fears and memories of trauma.

For a brief moment, we falsely believe or want to believe that eating another box of cookies or buying a few more dresses and shoes will take away our pain or make us forget. 

But nothing will ever be enough. 

You Are What You Think You Deserve

August 27, 2018
It’s very difficult for me to witness how people I love dearly are falling apart because they insist on holding onto belief systems that do not serve them. My heart breaks for them, because I know how trapped we can feel if we allow ourselves to be ruled by every negative or misguided thought we have about ourselves.

Those thoughts are based on what you think you deserve. This is true of your body, health, relationships, financial situation, job, social life. What you believe you are worthy of will be your reality. The universe will undoubtedly match your feelings and you will manifest what you think you deserve.

Embracing Your Feminine Nature

July 27, 2018
It has taken me a while to understand that our bodies are sacred, mystical, and amazing for so many reasons, and that we often forget to appreciate the cyclical beings that we are. 

Since I’ve come to appreciate this in myself, I can see it in other women and understand that the body, mind, and our very essence fluctuates with Nature’s cycles, such as the moon, tides, and seasons. We are organic, one with the Universe and all of creation.

What Do You Eat When You Are Angry?

June 28, 2018

Sugary, salty, starchy, and fried foods are typical favorites when we try to escape feelings of anger. French fries, ice cream, cookies and cakes, potato chips, pasta, chocolate and other candies are high on the list. As you stuff these foods into your body, you internalize your feelings, turn your anger inward, and harm yourself.  

Teas for Women

June 21, 2018
Perhaps you’re like me. If so, you have two sets of clothes: ones you wear when you are bloated and ones that are comfortable when you are not. That is, pants, skirts, and dresses you can tolerate when you are feeling bigger than a house and those that look and feel good when your stomach is back to normal.

Or maybe this has happened to you once too often: you are enjoying dinner out somewhere and you suddenly want to unbutton your pants because your stomach feels like it’s about to burst?

Dieting and Eating Disorders

May 29, 2018
I talk with women every day about their relationship with food and their bodies, emotional eating, feeding what they are truly hungry for, and connecting with the Divine Feminine that dwells within them. We consistently focus on positive self-image, self-confidence, self-love, feminine power, and honoring the body as a sacred temple. We explore ways to move into their power with dance, embracing all of their senses, practicing gratitude, getting in synch with Nature’s cycles, and reaching out to their sisters. These are some of the tools we need to achieve a healthy, balanced, spiritually and emotionally fulfilling life. Young women who are introduced to these concepts in early years can come to appreciate their divine nature as adults, and what a blessing that would be!

On Being a Mother

May 1, 2018
As another Mother’s Day rolls around, I first want to extend my spirit-felt blessings to mothers everywhere. Although we set aside a single day to focus attention on how very special mothers are, motherhood is something that stays with you every day of your life, and you all deserve to be celebrated, cherished, and loved for your Sacred Feminine self every moment.

DR Radio: Interview with Kathryn Holt - Expressing True Hunger

April 16, 2018
My guest today is inspirational psychotherapist, teacher, and writer, Kathryn C. Holt. Kathryn is here to here to help us remember that when we are in the place of stuckness, confusion, and fear, this does not mean something has gone wrong or that we have to keep it all “together” to prevent disaster. She is here here to help us remember that the wisdom of these experiences are powerful catalysts and signals that our innate wisdom is waking up.

Discovering our Sexuality & Sensuality

March 30, 2018
Feminine sexuality and pleasure allows us to experience higher levels of joy, connectedness, ease, and sensuality. Think about yourself as a beautiful, sexual being—which you are. Connect with your sacred feminine sexual energy.

How does it feel? How can you deepen that connection and feel safe, loved, and honored? What practices can you do that will make you feel sensual?

Divine Renewal Radio: Interview with Kitty Cavalier: The Art of Seduction: Fill Up Your Senses

March 15, 2018
This New Moon, I have the pleasure of introducing Kitty Cavalier. Kitty travels the world teaching the art of seduction, not as a tool of manipulation, but as a spiritual practice and a way of life. Kitty is the author of Sacred Seduction: A Guidebook, Memoir and Tribute to the Art of Seduction, and has helped thousands of women live more sensual, pleasurable, authentic lives through connecting to their senses. Join me, as Kitty teaches us how to bring our Sacred Seductress out of the shadows and into the spotlight where she belongs!

In Search of the Ultimate Love Affair

March 2, 2018
Learning to love oneself can be challenging for those of us who have been taught the opposite. I thought self-care was selfish. My self-talk to describe myself was cynical, mean, and sarcastic. I thought that was normal. No one told me that I could be strong and how to fight my own demons. So I became excellent at blaming and ultimately became a victim of all I was taught was done wrong to me. 

Know this, my sisters: self-love--the ultimate relationship you have with yourself--is pivotal. It is possible to embody self-love.

DR Radio: Interview with Jana Kellam: How to Create Powerful Relationships with Everything in Your Life

February 15, 2018
Jana Kellam uses transformational coaching techniques, advanced training in the Law of Attraction, and equine-facilitated experiential learning to help single ladies attract the partnership of their dreams and partnered ladies to sustain them–expanding in love every day. 

Knowing that we all deserve love, Jana teaches us how to banish doubt, neediness, and mistrust to create the fulfilling relationships we all yearn for.

How do you honour your Sacred Self?

January 31, 2018
What if your emotional issues about your body, food, intimacy, and relationships are the result of you disconnecting from your own body?

This is a question every woman needs to ask herself.

Divine Renewal Radio | Interview with Linda Heredia

January 17, 2018
Join us on the next Divine Renewal Radio, when my guest will be the amazing Linda Heredia. Like most of us, Linda has experienced how it feels when you stray from the path. She was using her graduate degree in the corporate world when she decided to listen to the universe and do what she really wanted to be doing. I think you’ll find that her take on wellness, positive manifestation and living the life you love as fascinating as I do!

My Wish For You

January 2, 2018
My sisters, as we settle into this holiday time, I want to share my wish for you — actually many wishes! — for this season and for every season of the year...

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