Myriam Llano Nutritional Coach

When you’ve struggled with food for as long as you can remember, it’s easy to think that you’re the problem.

But I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you.

Sister, you are already whole.

Many women find emotional eating to be one of their biggest challenges. Maybe you’ve even been doing “inner work” for some time and wonder why you haven’t been able to get this aspect of your life under control. And regardless of all the self-improvement you’ve done, you still go to food to soothe your heart, to fill the places where you feel lonely, to help you deal with anger, and to numb yourself.

you are not alone script

The truth is, food has served you.

It has been the tool to help you avoid going deeper within yourself where you fear the raw edges of your emotions.

Food has helped you avoid seeing who you really are.

On some level, emotional eating has been a way of keeping you safe. And it probably started when you were young … at a time when you had few tools.

Divine Renewal™ is a beautiful path, but it is not an easy one.

It requires digging deep and being willing to connect with the wounded child who still lives in your heart. She is the one asking you to take her hand, follow her, and travel through the experiences that caused her pain. To make it through those experiences she thought it was better to hide away, shield herself, numb out, and retreat from being fully present. She didn't know any better.

But you do.

Myriam Llano Divine Renewal Program
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Are you willing to explore other options now?

Are you willing to make peace with your past and be present in this moment?

It’s not your stomach that is starving for food, beloved; it’s your heart.


Through my personal healing journey with food and nearly twenty years of supporting women—including guiding them to move beyond emotional eating—I’ve come to understand that emotional eating isn’t about better self-control or a better diet.

It isn’t about the endless idea of “trying to improve” who we already are.

There is nothing to fix.

And now is the time to remember how divinely beautiful and worthy you already are.

Divine Renewal™ is a revolutionary way of looking at food, your body, and self-worth.

This is about holistic, spiritual nutrition.

This journey is about feeding your feminine essence—first.

Myriam Llano Holistic Spiritiual Nutrition

Divine Renewal™ will help you experience a real sense of freedom as
you create a new, vibrant life.


Your journey will consist of 8 sessions of personalized and powerful guidance I'll help you learn to nourish every area of your life by awakening your feminine wisdom, which is the pathway to embodying the truth of who you really are...

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 Sister, I see you.

I see the divine radiance of your essence magnetizing all that you desire.
I see your wide-open heart ready to receive the nourishing life you have been aching for. 

Do you? 

Are you ready to see YOU?
Are you ready to understand who you truly are? 
Are you ready to nurture your desires?
Are you ready to remember your inherent inner strength and power? 

If you feel called to learn more about Divine Renewal™...


I want to help you reclaim the woman you have always been and teach you to trust the inner guidance that is always available to you.


To live in alignment with your spirit and health.
To live a life you love.
To awaken, honor, and embody your feminine magnificence.

 Holding you in the highest vision of love and wellness...

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