Remember. Reconnect. Reclaim. Mother Earth’s gifts await us. We can all be recipients of her blessings, especially you, especially me.
Health always begins with the personal. Here’s my story.
Synergy occurs when multiple forces from the universe combine to create something better than the sum of its parts, a beautiful holistic wellbeing. I thought I’d already accomplished wellness. As a nutritionist and teacher of Divine Renewal, I considered myself an expert in women’s health, but the tools to healing are much more complicated than just the food we eat. It’s also comprised of the thoughts we feed ourselves and our relationships. 

Imagine my shame when doctors told me I was prediabetic, I had nodules in my throat, cysts growing in my left ovary, and I was producing excess estrogen. My entire body was out of balance, and all it took was four months of the most stress I’d ever experienced. What had gone wrong with my body? My mother’s insight gave me the missing tool that would bring synergy back into our lives. That missing tool was doTERRA essential oils.

My Journey
My journey with essential oils began a year ago, with my mother’s cancer diagnosis. I’m an only child and have a very small family consisting of my mother, my husband--who received a Crohn’s disease diagnosis at this same time--and our two children. So my mother’s diagnosis was devastating on multiple levels. My mother and I are no strangers to stress and trauma. After fleeing Colombia's drug war, we became refugees in Canada, moving from home to home to home. Once settled, my mother worked long hours to make ends meet while I struggled with anorexia and bulimia, a struggle that lasted a decade. Once I’d put my life and health back into balance, I sought to help other women with similar problems with self-hatred and food abuse and to help them find that same balance in their lives. 

But then the second major stressors hit once more, I found myself back in that place of ill health. 

My mother decided to take a natural approach to her cancer treatment and turned to Mother Earth for support. She became the CEO of her health by researching what was needed to bring her body back into wellbeing. She became vegetarian, studied vitamins and herbs as well as other holistic modalities, and then she discovered essential oils. 

I, of course, wanted to fully explore essential oils first before my mother used them, to ensure their safety. Despite being an amateur herbalist and a nutritionist, I’d never given essential oils much thought. Two years prior to my mother’s diagnosis, my girlfriend had given me a few bottles of essential oils, so I pulled them out and gave her a call.

The Benefits Of Essential Oils

Essential oils have since become an absolute staple in our home. I use doTERRA essential oils in detox baths, diffusers, as well as internally to huge benefit for the entire family. 
They help with my husband’s Crohn’s disease and inflammation. 

They calm my daughter’s exam anxiety and help with her PMS. 

They soothe my son’s nightmares and aid in his digestion. 

They calm me down before bed.

They give me energy in the morning.

They’ve brought a sense of peace to my life.

The feeling is subtle. How do you describe the warmth that you feel by seeing a sunrise? After getting a massage? After sitting and drinking a cup of organic herbal tea while reading a good book? That’s how I started feeling once I implemented essential oils into our daily lives.

The Science Behind Essential Oils
I now understand the science behind essential oils. How essential oils affect my neurological system, my hypothalamus, my endocrine system. How each targets a different element in the human body to bring about healing and harmony. They specifically helped my fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and PMS.

Here’s how it works. A blend of organic chemical constituents make up each bottle of essential oils. Because the chemicals are volatile, they quickly evaporate to produce therapeutic effects within target cells. Each blend is unique. Some essential oils attach themselves to a target cell and influence changes within it, while others can enter into the cell and bind to its structure, even affecting DNA. 

It’s a natural way to build immune system strength. 

Mother Earth Doing Her Thing
Essential oils didn’t cure me or my mother, but they became a daily tool in our toolbox for health and wellness, and I’m happy to say my mother is now cancer-free.

That’s the beauty and magic of working with plants. It’s Mother Earth just being Mother Earth and doing her thing. All we need to do is remember, reconnect, and reclaim to become one with Mother Earth once more. Essential oils come from herbs, trees, citrus, flowers. They are Mother Earth’s gifts, and they provide a synergy unavailable anywhere else. 

Divine Renewal stands by women’s wellness: their emotional balance, the necessary synergy between mind, body, and spirit. 

In order for a woman to remember, reconnect, and reclaim herself--the three Rs of Divine Renewal--she first needs a team of people to support and lift her up, but she also needs tools that will strengthen her physical and emotional body, what I call feminine nutrition. Essential oils are a necessary tool to not just feminine nutrition, but to an entire family’s well being. Let me help you reclaim your Divine Feminine and introduce you to doTERRA’s essential oils, provided by Mother Earth.

It Matters That It's dōTERRA

There are so many reasons to choose doTERRA. 

Their products are tested by third parties to ensure safety and pureness. They have the highest quality products out there.

They’re committed to ethical workplace practices.
Their products are grown in over forty countries, where the plants are indigenously grown.

They utilize Cō-Impact Sourcing® to ensure long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with these countries, creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas.

They’ve created the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®, a nonprofit dedicated to “bringing healing and hope to the world through providing global communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant - empowering individuals and changing lives.”

I’ve traveled to doTERRA’s factories and seen how much they test each product to ensure its pureness. 

Convinced yet? doTERRA is the best choice from both a health and an ethical perspective. It’s a business with a conscience, part of the Divine Awakening. With every bottle purchased, so many lives are affected, not just your own.

Sisters, I’d love to be a part of your transformation, to help you embrace wellbeing, to remember, reconnect, and reclaim your Divine Feminine, to become part of something bigger. When you’re as passionate as I am about something, all you want to do is give it back to the world. 

In my experience, people choose one of two pathways on their journey with doTERRA. The first pathway is getting these incredible oils into your home to support you and your family’s health and wellbeing. To become empowered with the tools mother nature intended you to have. When something happens, you have a natural solution that’s safe, effective, and more affordable than traditional healthcare. 

The second path goes beyond the first with the desire to share essential oils with your family, friends, and community. It’s feeling empowered to help yourself and also those around you find hope as they use these amazing gifts from the earth. In turn, you can also receive financial support to pay for your oils, supplement your income, or even replace your income.

 Whatever path you feel you’re on, let me guide you as we take this journey together.
Find the perfect essential oils for you and your family

Good health can be simple, that’s one of doTERRA’s mottos. Many basic essential oils bring about so many excellent benefits for your family.

The Serenity blend--infused with Lavender, Cedarwood, and the ylang ylang flower--promotes a calm and restful sleep. 

A drop of AromaTouch massaged into the neck and shoulders lessens tension and stress.

On Guard supports a healthy immune system and protects against environmental hazards.

Lucid Dreaming combines lavender, yarrow, ylang ylang, and vetiver to create harmony during sleep and to help manifest answers in dreams. It’s my own unique blend.

This is only the beginning of what doTERRA essential oils can bring to your life.

Become a Wellness Advocate
Because doTERRA represents the Divine Feminine in so many ways, I knew I wanted to become a wellness advocate and introduce more people to the wonders of doTERRA oils. This company is deeply aligned with empowering women. By becoming a Wellness Advocate, you create a business for yourself while helping others. You’ll help women discover the power of Mother Earth’s remedies for themselves and for their family; you’ll help the chain of communities doTERRA supports through their community-based, sustainable industry; and you’ll also help empower yourself financially. It’s a reciprocal process of empowerment and healing.

For $35, Wellness Advocates receive a 25% discount on all products, 10-30% back in free product points, a free product every month, all with no monthly order requirement. You can earn compensation and bonuses for sharing doTERRA products with others, and for signing up new wholesale customers and advocates. It’s a synergetic process that’s all part of the Divine Feminine. 

Are you ready to become empowered by doTERRA’s Divine Feminine business model and become a Wellness Advocate? Join me in spreading the word of the good health and wellbeing found in doTERRA’s essential oils.

Have a blessed day, Sisters.

Wishing you much love and wellbeing,



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