Forget Resolutions! They Are Ineffective!

January 10, 2020
Happy New Year, Dear Sisters!

Welcome to the rest of your lives! Did you think I was going to ask you what your New Year’s resolution is? No way, and here’s why.
True, this is the time of year when we’re told we should make a fresh start or make promises/resolutions. However, most of the time this is simply a recipe for frustration and failure.

I have a different perspective. Wonder what it is? Read on!

First of all, although each day may consist of new starts, each one also embraces all the adventures and events that led up to that moment. Life is a journey, and while we make goals and set intentions, the quality of our lives lies in the day-to-day decisions, joys, challenges, and memories.

Now about New Year’s resolutions.

I don’t believe in them.

The practice of making New Year’s resolutions has been around for about 4,000 years. Although things have changed over four millennia, it seems we haven’t mastered these resolutions, as research shows only about 8 percent of people who make such promises actually achieve them. 

I strongly recommend another way to welcome each new year: by keeping a journal. Journaling has been a lifeline for me. It helps keep me grounded and focused and it’s like a best friend. A journal is you in all of your many facets. 

In it you can proclaim and explore your fears, aspirations, desires, goals, dreams, frustrations, anger, and joys. You can pose questions, and answers will come to you—sometimes quickly and sometimes gradually, like a slowly blossoming flower. 

Here’s what I find to be true for me: I can have dozens of thoughts racing around in my head all the time, but they don’t become real until I write them down. Once they take form on a page (and I recommend writing rather than keying your journal on a computer screen, but the choice is yours), they are more tangible, they have more substance and meaning. Now I “own” them. I can more easily connect with them, embrace them, and absorb them. 

Journaling is a form of energy.

You take your thoughts and emotions, allow them to travel through your body and hands where you transform them onto a page. Once on the page they emit a new vibration and presence. They connect with your inner Divine Feminine and your personal power. Now you can use those words to guide and motivate you. 

Write with honesty and let your inner sacred power guide you. When you write from this central energy, you will get to know yourself better, realize your inner strength, and be better able to face your feelings and desires. 

What should you write about in your journal? How can you get started?

These are probably the most-asked questions when women begin to talk about journaling. Writing can be a scary activity for many people. Women worry about making what they write sound good, or they don’t know where to begin, or they are afraid what they write will be seen by others. 

Let’s address these concerns. First of all, simply write from your heart. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or be in complete sentences or have every word spelled correctly. Speak from your sacred Divine Feminine self! Let the words flow (keep several pens handy in case one stops working). 

Another thing women worry about is how to begin. “What should I write about?” women ask me. Here are some questions that may trigger your thinking and motivate you to begin writing:


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