Twenty sumptuous pages of wisdom, exercises, and guidance to help you reconnect with your divine feminine rhythms, organic impulses, and warrior resilience


I grew up with scarcity. So I started hiding food...
and loathing myself.

Dear Sister,

I started hiding food when I was eleven years old.

After immigrating to Canada from Colombia, my mother worked hard to make ends meet and provide for us.

As a sensitive child, I was aware of the scarcity and the daily struggle to have enough. Hiding food was a way I could feel a sense of control.

When I was in my early teens, my obsession with food intensified. I was consuming more and more, in an attempt to cope with my confusing emotions.

Food became a comfort and a best friend...


Myriam's deep love for serving women in returning to the truth of their innate wholeness is clear. That love is the light that shines the way for the women she serves.

Nisha Moodley, Women's Leadership Coach

Myriam is one of those women that you feel the vibrations and light within her presence. Her energy and commitment she has to helping women embrace and honor their femininity and authentic selves is remarkable and inspiring.

Chelsea Reeves, CAADC, Arise interventionist, Empowerment Coach

When I first met Myriam, I knew I had to face the fears and pain that I had allowed to determine my choices. In the face of those, the greatest learning I’ve received from her is compassion - especially towards myself. This has been life-changing for me. 

Dawn L.

I came to work with Myriam at first because of my weight issues. At that time, I didn't realize Myriam was the Master Healer she is. She has the unique gift to make you feel uplifted with every session you have with her.

Joan King

The Divine Renewal™ Program is just want the name says. It teaches and inspires us to live our life to our highest self. Myriam, the creator of the program, not only made my dreams come true, but she did something more powerful. She made me realize that I can control my own destiny. For me, the biggest challenge was not only admitting that there was a problem that I was facing in my life, but finding someone to help me to solve my problem. I had already exhausted all that the medical world had to offer. I had tried naturopaths, osteopaths, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and the list goes on and on. However, not one of these medical interventions offered the mind, body soul connection. Through the, Divine Renewal™ Movement, I was able to use Myriam’s feedback to regain the balance in my life that I was so lacking. Her questions that she would develop after listening to me were thought-provoking and allowed me to reflect on who I was as a person, and who I wanted to become. Her exercises lead me to explore my life traps and examine why I fell into the same patterns again and again. She was so easy to work with, to trust and there was never any judgment. Myriam’s life lessons will remain with me always and I am forever grateful. 

R. Thomas

Mother Earth’s gifts await us. We can all be recipients of her blessings, especially you, especially me.

Read about my journey discovering doTERRA essential oils.

Health always begins with the personal. Here’s my story.
Synergy occurs when multiple forces from the universe combine to create something better than the sum of its parts, a beautiful holistic wellbeing. I thought I’d already accomplished wellness.

As a nutritionist and teacher of Divine Renewal, I considered myself an expert in women’s
health, but the tools to healing are much more complicated than just the food we eat. It’s also comprised of the thoughts we feed ourselves and our relationships.

Imagine my shame when doctors told me I was prediabetic, I had nodules in my throat, cysts growing in my left ovary, and I was producing excess estrogen. My entire body was out of balance, and all it took was four months of the most stress I’d ever experienced. What had gone wrong with my body? My mother’s insight gave me the missing tool that would bring synergy back into our lives. 

That missing tool was dōTERRA essential oils.



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Twenty sumptuous pages of wisdom, exercises, and guidance to help you reconnect with your divine feminine rhythms, organic impulses, and warrior resilience


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