I grew up with scarcity. So I started hiding food...
and loathing myself.

Dear Sister,

I started hiding food when I was eleven years old.

After immigrating to Canada from Colombia, my mother worked hard to make ends meet and provide for us.

As a sensitive child, I was aware of the scarcity and the daily struggle to have enough. Hiding food was a way I could feel a sense of control.

When I was in my early teens, my obsession with food intensified. I was consuming more and more, in an attempt to cope with my confusing emotions.

Food became a comfort and a best friend.

As I became older and self-conscious about my body, that relationship radically shifted, and food became my number-one enemy. I worked out constantly and restricted food to a dangerous degree…until I was hospitalized at age nineteen.

It was through that experience that I found the spark of desire to live. I knew there had to be a way out. I just didn’t know how. For the next decade, I obsessively searched for the answer. I took every training available and studied every nutritional theory. I also studied how the body responds to vitamins, minerals, and detoxes. I researched different healing modalities that offered promises of a healthier and stronger body.

I became a vegan chef
a marathon runner
a certified nutritionist.

And then it hit me: I was not feeding my feminine first. I was not addressing my true hungers and desires in life.

And I was not connected to what I now call spiritual nutrition...or Divine Renewal™.

It's time to feel your essence and flow with your divine purpose.

It's time to nourish your divine feminine you will have the courage and strength to sit in the fire of your deepest yearnings.

Come closer...

I am Myriam, a passionate fire, a flame alight, daring to enter the unknown, trusting—with courage and love that all will unfold as it is meant to.

I am a child of the moon. I wear Her phases in my body, feeling Her kiss my feet.
I am a sacred vessel. The energy of our life force embraces me, my desires, my holy body, connecting back to Essence.

I am Bright. Fierce. Light.
I am also Imperfections. Shadows. Fallibilities.
I believe our beautiful purpose is delightfully revealed when we honor it all...

The ecstasy and the pain.
The light and the shadows.
The curves and corners.

It takes courage to sit face-to-face with our humanness, our imprinted shame.
But that is what's required to truly embrace our Essence and journey through this lifetime with the power and freedom of the Divine Feminine.

For years, when I looked in the mirror, I did not see the real me. I did not see my Essence.

It took connecting with and honoring my body—instead of continually abandoning it and its inherent wisdom—to remember my unique gifts and what brings me joy, comfort, and love. It took time to get here, though.

When I was struggling with disordered eating, food was a comfort and a curse.
I numbed my emotions by abandoning my body.

Emotional eating was a toxic shame I secretly carried with me. My relationship with food was abusive, yet I appeared to have my life together. Shame ate away at my self-esteem and self-confidence while I pretended my life was perfectly under control.

Can you relate?

I rejected my desires and dreams because I disconnected from my true sovereignty and power.

When you go down far enough, you realize there's nowhere else to go...

But up.

My body whispered and I began to listen.
I connected to it. I nurtured it. I came home.

Sister, when you come back to your body, you come home to yourself.

Your body is a vessel of inherent wisdom and creative power. Its cyclical rhythms are there to remind you of your feminine essence, which includes your inherent softness, intuition, and inspired sensuality and playfulness.

After nearly twenty years of supporting women, I know that when we heal our relationship with our bodies, we actually heal ourselves...

and our relationship with food.

As you choose to unconditionally love yourself and take a stand for who you are in this exact moment, you will recognize that you are already whole and there is nothing wrong with you—regardless of your relationship with food (which, honestly, is a reflection of how you value yourself). Then you create a new vision for your life.

You begin to see new possibilities filled with liberation and passionate freedom.

Divine Renewal™ is a revolutionary way of looking at food, your body, and your self-worth.

Are you ready to step into a fuller expression of who you are? 
I know in my heart it’s time for you to discover a greater sense of peace, safety, and joy than you’ve ever felt before...

Sister, you get to choose your story. You get to dream your life into a woven tapestry, a living reality.

So, what do you desire?
What do you ache for?
Which story do you choose for your life now?
Are you willing to embody wholeness by feeding your feminine essence— first?

I am here in devoted, loving service to walk by your side, hold your hand, and unconditionally love you as you step into the truth of who you truly are, as you heal your relationship with yourself and food and reconnect with your innate wisdom.

When we continuously and consciously acknowledge our inherent sacredness, it gives permission for all women to do the same.

Most women are yearning to remember their wholeness and live a life aligned with grace, gratitude, and love. 

When we—one-by-one—honor ourselves, more women will do the same. We can create a movement. I believe so deeply in my heart that it is time for women everywhere to come to peace with their bodies and live the life they desire. It is my privilege to support you as you do so. Sister, we are already connected. You are not alone. I see you. You are already whole, and I know that it is possible to create the vibrant life you truly want. Will you choose the story of honoring yourself? It is time to awaken, honor, and embody the magnificent woman you already are. If you are ready, take my hand and let’s explore…



Twenty sumptuous pages of wisdom, exercises, and guidance to help you reconnect with your divine feminine rhythms, organic impulses, and warrior resilience


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