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Myriam Llano is an expert on the relationship between women and food. A globally recognized nutritionist and coach, she shows women that it is possible to heal emotional eating and become truly nourished.

Myriam is the creator of Divine Renewal™—a revolutionary program that bridges the gaps among emotional eating, nutrition, and spirituality—and recently launched Divine Renewal™ Espanol. Women in this program are supported in creating an intimate connection with food and their body. Myriam emphasizes “spiritual nutrition,” suggesting that we are nourished by many things besides food. Her clients and students heal through recognizing what they are truly hungry for and learning to feed not just their bodies but their spirits. 

Myriam also hosts Divine Renewal™ Live, where nourishing conversations are food for the soul. Drawing from a well of inner wisdom, women share their journeys, insights, and tools for reclamation and healing. When one woman begins to heal, all women begin to heal.

After many decades of being on a personal quest to end the conflicts in her relationship with food, Myriam realized that the journey starts with honoring our divine essence as well as our humanness. She envisions a world where women move past shame and old wounds, get their needs met, and make peace with themselves, their bodies, and their sources of nourishment. Myriam is passionate about supporting and growing a worldwide community of women who honor themselves and connect to their intrinsic wholeness.

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Interviews, Workshops, Retreats, & Speaking Engagements:

Workshop and Retreat Themes:

Your Relationship With Food

An introduction to the Divine Renewal™ Program and its three core themes, Myriam’s own journey with food, and shared stories from the group.

The group will discuss these “food for thought” questions:
  • ​Why are you eating?
  • ​What are you eating?
  • ​When are you eating?
Your Hungry Inner Voice

Remember who you were before life wounded you? Remember your dreams? Remember your truth? We will work on hearing messages from your hungry inner voice, connect with old desires and joyful memories, and talk about ways to bring this energy into the present.

True Nutrition

Where does your hunger come from? There is emotional hunger, and there is physical hunger. What are you really hungry for? What is the nourishment you really need?

Healing and Repair In the Body

We will discuss the needs and physical challenges of the body and practical solutions that can be applied for healing and repair.

Interviews & Speaking Engagements:

Sample Topics Myriam Speaks About:
  • Learning to Love Your Body As It Is
  • ​How to End the Drama Around Food
  • ​How to Detoxify Your Body, Thoughts, and Emotions
  • Reconnect, Remember, Reclaim—Nourishment from the Sacred Feminine
    ​What are you eating?
  • ​What Are You Really Hungry For? Becoming Aware of Your Hungry Inner Voice
Sample Interview Questions for Myriam:
  • ​What do you see as the most common obstacles for women who want a healthy relationship with their body and with food?
  • ​Tell us about your journey toward having a healthy relationship with food and your body. What brought you to this work?
  • ​What are some of the things the women you work with are most hungry for?
  • ​What is “spiritual nourishment from the sacred feminine” and why is it so important for women?
  • Why do women so often struggle to accept their bodies as they are?

Introduction for Interviews and Speaking Engagements:

"Every woman has the ability and the right to experience a healthy body, mind, and spirit."
- Myriam Llano

Though food is essential for a body’s functions and survival, women often struggle with their relationship to it, experiencing unnecessary and painful dramas about eating, weight, and body image. Because what a woman believes she deserves is reflected in how she eats, she often sabotages herself with food. Whether she’s over-eating, under-eating, or measuring and judging every bite, she is in some way numbing her pain, limiting herself, and not allowing herself to express her full potential.

Myriam’s engaging and informative sessions provide practical and sustainable solutions for restoring wholeness through your relationship with food in a way that helps you look and feel your best and supports you in leading a more fulfilling and authentically expressed life.

Join holistic nutritionist and wellness coach Myriam Llano on an exploration of spiritual nutrition - what it is and how it can help you nourish your whole self by healing your relationship with your body and food.

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Public Speaking:

The Clean Living Series, Hosted by Christine Waltermyer

The Queen's Council, Hosted by The Priestess Presence

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Twenty sumptuous pages of wisdom, exercises, and guidance to help you reconnect with your divine feminine rhythms, organic impulses, and warrior resilience


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