What We Need from You, For Promotion!

As part of the promotion for the show, please send the following information to lena@divinerenewal.com:

  1. 2 x High definition headshots (1 headshot / 1 full body).
  2. A short personal biography.
  3. Links to your website and social media you would like to see used in any promotion.
  4. A personal electronic gift we can include on the interview page on the air date (i.e. direct links to a free gift, downloads, opt in forms, or coupon codes).

The Recording

All episodes of Divine Renewal Radio are recorded through Uber Conference or Zoom. When the meeting the recording time and date is scheduled, you will be sent all teleconference dial-in instructions.

Here are some tips for a successful recording:

  • Choose a small quiet room or spot to relax and be uninterrupted for 45 minutes
  • Set up at least 15 minutes before our call, take some time to clear your mind, do a small meditation or some breathing exercises maybe to bring you round to the focus of the call
  • Have a good pair of earphones plugged into your device, to avoid feedback
  • If you have one, a good condenser microphone is handy to create great audio sound. (we can suggest a brand to use if you need one. It is a great investment and can be made portable for touring and conferences)
  • Turn off all mobile and electronic devices to limit feedback noise
  • Have a bottle of water at hand
  • Have fun!

Divine Renewal Radio Promotion

We have put together a short page of copy you can use in your own promotion for Divine Renewal Radio. Feel free to use it, tweak it and make it your own.


What is Divine Renewal Radio?

Divine Renewal Radio is a portal where we share the joy of remembering, reconnecting with and reclaiming our dreams, hopes and desires. Here, you are not alone. You are seen and heard and witnessed by a sisterhood of courageous women stepping forward together into healing ourselves and each other, sharing insight, questions, tools, inspiration, connection, and our personal journeys.


Who is Myriam Llano?

Myriam Llano is an expert on the relationship between women and nourishment. She teaches women globally about nourishing the sacred feminine first, as a way to honor themselves; bridging the gap between emotional eating, nutrition, and spirituality.

She is the creator of the Divine Renewal™ program ... a revolutionary program which supports women in creating an intimate connection with food and their body; feeding what they’re truly hungry for in life with spiritual nutrition.

After many decades of being on a personal quest to heal her relationship with food, Myriam realized that that the journey starts with honoring both our divine essence and our humanness. When a woman begins to honor herself and let go of shame and old wounds, she can help create a movement ... a movement of women who are at peace with themselves, their bodies, food, and finally begin feeling whole.

Every new moon, Myriam offers an episode of the Divine Renewal™ Radio program ~ a collection of spirited conversations with wise women helping you overcome body image and emotional nourishment issues by strengthening your connection with the sacred feminine.

Myriam is a registered nutritionist, an emotional nourishment coach, and devoted to the oath of the Divine Feminine. For more information please visit divinerenewal.com


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Please contact Lena at lena@divinerenewal.com  if you have any questions.